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Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand: Coco Wolf

Outdoor sofas no longer have to chose between comfortable and style. Coco Wolf offers both in masses.

Jonathon Warren By Jonathon WarrenCommercial Director

June—a time just before summer to get garden-ready for when warmer days and lighter nights settle in for the foreseeable future (we hope). A timely point then to reveal our next behind the brand instalment with luxury outdoor furniture label, Coco Wolf. With an admirable Made-in-Britain stamp and lavishly decorating the terraces and orangeries of high-end hotels, distinguished homes and superyacht decks, theirs is a seven-year story of enduring quality meets innovative finishes.

Where it all began

British furniture brand Coco Wolf is a relative newcomer to the luxury market. Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team James and Rebecca Lorimer, the brand set about to combine ethics, innovation and high design for the luxury garden furniture market. With over 15 years’ experience in interiors and furniture design, Rebecca brought a trained, aesthetic eye that would navigate their collections into timeless, highly coveted waters, so much so that Coco Wolf furniture could be mistaken for being designed purely for indoor decor with its elegant silhouettes, premium fabric assortment and the brand’s belief in exterior spaces deserving to be as beautifully bedecked.

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Let’s talk materials

Sublime aesthetics are a beautiful thing but, without firm foundations, they will only ever achieve timelessness in a single sense. Coco Wolf set about seven years ago with intentions to provide outdoor upholstery with enduring appeal that would also physically endure.

To do so, a selection of highly resistant materials was a prerequisite. But instead of looking in the same direction as its competitors to the classic materials and finishes seen in garden furniture, they drew inspiration from the marine industry. Surely, by selecting materials destined to be used at sea and in water, their furniture would be able to provide an unparalleled level of reliability and ease of use that would set them apart.

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From its outdoor sofa sets to outdoor ottomans, Coco Wolf pieces have materials at their core that won’t rot, fade, splinter or need to be covered when the weather turns. Talking of cores, even the inner pad within its outdoor footstools and seating have a breathable, water-permeable structure that dries faster than standard foam and polyester fibre. So, when the rain does come, its materials can take it, shake it off and feel completely unaffected by the unwanted downpour.

Iroko wood (a hardwood native to Western Africa) is its timber of choice which it offers in 10 finishes and its weather-resistant fabric collection of more than 260 textiles is more wide-ranging than what you see some interior furniture makers offering. At LuxDeco, we’ve homed in on a core collection of its finishes with four of its bestselling wood finishes and five of its most durable outdoor fabrics—its Trevira fire-retardant fabrics which are stain and mould-resistant with an incredibly high colour fade resistance to light as well as being, most importantly, water-repellant.

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And now to craftsmanship

Coco Wolf’s handmade furniture is all achieved at a workshop in Derbyshire that prides itself on its mastery of traditional upholstery and furniture-making techniques. That’s what makes its comfort levels comparable to that of a hand-sprung indoor sofa but with the materials and finishes behind it that provide the necessary resilience for the outdoor life for which they’re destined.

As seen in

Coco Wolf’s garden furniture is, perhaps unsurprisingly, favoured by luxury hotels across the country. Head to the Georgian estate Homewood Country Hotel in Bath and you’ll find a terrace dressed entirely in Coco Wolf outdoor tables, sofas and chairs or into London where The Crown Aspinalls in Mayfair has its outdoor bar stools and seating dotted throughout the casino. Many more hotels and eateries in the capital are included on the Coco Wolf list but so too are those further afield such as the famous Dallas Cowboys Club in Texas, the sleek and chic wellness member’s club 39 Monte Carlo in Monaco, and the luxury Baglioni Hotel Carlton in Milan.

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While its private home projects can only have a few details shared, seeing Coco Wolf’s pieces in situ at residential properties shows just how transformative they can be away from the hotel scene. Its Belsize Village courtyard garden project is a case in point with the modular Matira sofa becoming an instant centrepiece and proving how five-star luxury hotel character can be achieved with a single piece.

Double sunlounger, garden Chesterfield loveseat, sculpted outdoor carver chair—no matter the size or style of our outdoor area, your garden will go next level with Coco Wolf. No question.